Three Congregations have come together at Kew Uniting Church

Easter 2021: East Kew Uniting Church and West Hawthorn Uniting Church moved to join Joong Ang Uniting Church at Kew Uniting Church, Highbury Grove, Kew.  The two vacant church sites will be sold.

The Asset Strategy Program 2018-2023

The Asset Strategy Program is a professionally led investigation to rationalise the use of church property within a Boroondara group of Uniting Churches. The aim is to generate more revenue from properties, by sharing and outsourcing the administration of all buildings to a professional manager. The revenue will be pooled and used to refurbish properties on a needs basis. Initially some of this church property will be sold to raise the capital to start the process.

The Boroondara Regional Network 2017

East Kew UC, West Hawthorn UC, Joong Ang UC, Kew, Habitat Hawthorn UC, Habitat Kew UC, Habitat Canterbury UC, Deepdene UC, Boroondara Community Outreach (BCO) and Auburn UC were grouped together.  However, after participation in the initial negotiations, Auburn, Deepdene and BCO decided not to join this Boroondara Regional Network of Churches.  However, the invitation is still open to join at a later date.

Boroondara Regional Network - 2023

Habitat UC combines congregations from Canterbury (St David's), Hawthorn (Augustine) and the previous Kew UC (Highbury Gve)

Kew UC now combines Joong Ang and congregations from East Kew UC and West Hawthorn UC

BCO, Deepdene UC and Auburn UC continue separately.

Kew UC

23 Highbury Gve

Boroondara Community Outreach

23 Highbury Gve, Kew


Habitat UC

2 Mont Albert Rd, Canterbury

(2 Minona St, Hawthorn)

Deepdene UC

958 Burke Rd