The Asset Strategy Program 2016-17

The Asset Strategy Program is a professionally led investigation to rationalise the use of church property within a Boroondara group of Uniting Churches. The aim is to generate more revenue from properties, by sharing and outsourcing the administration of all buildings to a professional manager. The revenue will be pooled and used to refurbish properties on a needs basis. Initially some of this church property will be sold to raise the capital to start the process.

The report from the facilitator to the congregations was received in December 2016 and recommends a method for raising the capital. The individual churches will be required to accept the plan or opt out following discussions about future governance and ministry.

Other Congregations in the Boroondara region

The following nearby Uniting Church congregations are being linked with Auburn Uniting Church within the Asset Strategy Program.

Boroondara Community Outreach

23 Highbury Gve, Kew


Habitat Kew

23 Highbury Gve


Habitat Hawthorn UC

2 Minona St


Habitat Canterbury UC

2 Mont Albert Rd

West Hawthorn UC

12 Power St


Deepdene UC

958 Burke Rd


East Kew UC

142 Normanby Rd 


Kew UC

23 Highbury Gve (Korean Congregation)